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Crowd & Funding

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We've approached the fundraising for our project in a multi-faceted strategy.

Given the activist nature of the narrative and production efforts to tell a diverse story in a diverse way, and the inclusion of filmmaking students from Houston Community College earning credit toward their degrees through their internship on our set, we felt strongly that Acid Test should be a fiscally sponsored film - funded through charitable tax-deductible donations through a non-profit.

Amazingly, two non-profits wanted to support our film:

First on board was From the Heart Productions based in California, through which we were able to raise about $40,000 for production!

Then, the Houston-based Fresh Arts organization came on board!

Both fundraising platforms are still active and you can make your tax-deductible contribution today to help finish our film!

Once production wrapped, we still needed finishing funds to pay for post-production, namely color grading, VFX, and sound design.

We approached our post fundraising efforts with the same rebellious spirit of the film, but launching a crowdfunding campaign through our friends at Seed&Spark centered around a live event - the Acid Test Experience! Starting with a VIP dinner with actors reprising their roles from the film and staying IN character, the event morphed into a multi-room immersive event where everyone became "Jenny" for the night featuring a psychedelic concert, a parent confessional room, a bedroom dressed with elements from the set, and a viewing room showing sneak peeks of the feature! Perks were available for out-of-town supporters and anyone that couldn't attend.

All in all, it was incredibly successful! We exceeded our Seed&Spark goal and given that our event was right as things started to turn in the pandemic, we were stunned by everyone's generosity.

  • Seed&Spark campaign: $7550

  • General Public ticket sales: $620

  • Merch @ Event: $1160

  • Campaign-centered Tax-Deductble Donations: $4150

  • TOTAL: $13,480

We're about $5,000 short of our overall goals to cover our 5.1 Surround Sound Mix and the final payments for VFX and color grading, so become part of the rebellion and make your tax-deductible donation today!

Take a trip with us and follow us on social media @acidtestfilm!

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