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Hillary Felice is a graduate of Tulane University with a BSM in Finance and earned her Master of Accounting with a concentration in Tax. While living New Orleans at the peak of its film industry, Hillary became intrigued with the tax incentives that were responsible for its rapid growth.  Sparked by her love for film and television, this interest in the tax incentives led to a successful career as a tax advisor and CPA. Originally from New Jersey, and a Saturday Night Live “superfan,” she was thrilled to work at the “30 Rock” building for several years even though it was with a public accounting firm.

After moving to Houston, Hillary fell madly in love with the city’s cuisine, culture, diversity, and parks. She challenges the notion that success in the film industry requires relocating to LA or New York. Funding is one of the biggest challenges faced by independent filmmakers in cities with smaller film industries. Using her background in finance and accounting, she aims to overcome this challenge to produce films that represent our unique perspective as Houstonians. In college, film was her passion, but she chose to enter the corporate world. Coming on board as a Producer for the Houston-based independent feature film Acid Test, based on the award-winning short, she’s excited to be able to bring those two worlds together.

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