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Director of Photography

Kerianne (Kay) Parker is a Jersey-born, Houston local who has been working in the Texas film industry for 8 years as a 1st AC/Focus Puller and aspiring Director of Photography. She has spent her time learning and honing her craft as the Cinematographer of production company Full Media Jacket, which she co-founded in 2016 with her husband George Parker. Kerianne has filmed a number of music videos and short films, including award-winning short films Happy Endings, directed by George Parker, and This Neighborhood, directed by Jerry Ochoa. As part of FMJ, she has filmed and helped to create many narrative promotional works for start-ups, nonprofits, theatres, and corporate entities alike. Kerianne is a 2010 BFA graduate from The AiH Digital Film and Video Production program. Acid Test is her first feature film as a DP and Kay is thrilled to be partnering with writer/director Jenny Waldo. Kerianne is excited not only for the opportunity to help teach and encourage up-and-coming HCC film students earning degree credit as they work as PAs on set, but also for the chance to experiment with fun and interesting visuals to best represent Jenny’s vision.

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