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“I’m adventurous by nature,” says the Texas native. The actress has dabbled in everything from fast cars to the homely lifestyle. But what really gets her going is the totally addictive feeling of being somebody else. Early on of her career she enjoyed modeling but quickly aspired to acting. She explains, “modeling is where you can induce a stimulation through an image that you create, but the emotional power it delivers, can be breathtaking. Similarly with acting you can create a fictional character entering an imaginary world pursuing a goal and create something inspirational.” She’s traveled throughout the country performing and continuing to study her skills. A perfectionist, excels to the fullest. Besides her acting, she practices kickboxing, boxing, swords, firearms, and will never pass up on any form of yoga. She is looking forward to taking challenges that may come forth, of course with her main man, God guiding her. She seeks a path with no boundaries and living life to the extreme. Currently, she's also working on her own short film Transposition!

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