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Distribution Funds Campaign!

Just off the wonderful hometown screening of Acid Test with the Houston Latino Film Festival, we're launching a fundraising campaign to cover distribution costs through our fiscal sponsors From the Heart Productions HERE, making anything you donate tax deductible! Acid Test has been an incredible learning experience for my debut feature film, the first feature for many of my amazing team as well as for the Houston Community College students who earned college credit working on the set. This final phase of festivals and distribution is no different, and we are learning that distribution costs money. Even with the success of our Austin Film Festival premiere, the current landscape of streaming and other digital platforms means little-to-no upfront money and no marketing support.

In order to pursue a distribution offer to deliver Acid Test to iTunes, Amazon, and to pitch to streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Starz...etc, we need to reach the audience beyond our wonderful supporters like you, which means marketing $$ to let them know it's there!

You can read more about the specific ways we plan to spend the funds raised on our Fiscal Sponsor Fundraising Website HERE or by clicking the button below.

You helped us make this incredible film that's already impacting people seeing it in festivals, help us deliver the film to the rest of the world! Spread the word on social media, post about your support and involvement!

Donate today. Thank you so much!

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