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Updated: Jan 5, 2023

We are into our second month of our release! During this initial 90-day period, our success in the rental market will help determine whether we get a bigger licensing deal with the subscription platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, Starz…etc.

If you haven’t had time to watch Acid Test yet, watching this weekend will help us get one step closer to a larger audience. And if you’re not sure you’ll have time, you can buy it to watch later! LINKS

We've had a fantastic run of things now that we're available to rent & own. Check out some of our Press/Reviews/Interviews HERE!

Also, don't forget to add YOUR RATING! Rating the film is also enormously helpful! Please give us at least a 3/5 or 7/10 score to help against any negative reviews and troll-bombing.

Amazon (see link to film)

Please help spread the word! Tell someone about the film. Post on social media. Check out this Houston-made Riot Grrrl indie film @acidtestfilm. Links to platforms and more info

Oct 2021: PREMIERE!

Premiering to a sold-out crowd! Austin Film Festival

Premiere! Twin Cities Film Festival where we were also a Finalist! Nominated for the TCFF's Indie Vision Award for Breakthrough Performance for Juliana DeStefano's portrayal of the lead character, Jenny.

Nov 2021

Houston Cinema Arts Festival - another sold out screening, prompting a special encore presentation to be scheduled!

Dec 2021

Encore presentation with Houston Cinema Arts Society.

March 2022

April 2022

June 2022

Dances with Films: WEST COAST PREMIERE!

October 2022

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