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October 4th Release Date!

Mark your calendars! Acid Test will be coming to you on digital platforms starting October 4th! Acquired by Giant Pictures through our Sales Rep Glen Reynolds from Circus Road Films and the advice of Distribution Consultant Liz Manashil, the film will first be available on TVOD - rental platforms like iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, as well as Cable VOD... Fingers crossed, after a required 90-day rental period, we hope to secure a subscription streamer like Netflix, Hulu, HBO...but that is the gamble of independent filmmaking!


The press release was featured in Deadline Hollywood!

EXCLUSIVE: Giant Pictures has acquired writer-director Jenny Waldo’s first feature Acid Test, slating it for release on digital platforms on October 4.

Set in 1992, against the backdrop of the presidential election between Bush, Clinton and Perot, the film follows a Latina teen who enters her senior year with life-long plans to attend Harvard. On a night out with her best friend, she discovers Riot Grrrl, an aggressive feminist punk music, and impulsively drops acid. As she drifts farther and farther from “the plan,” she dives into new experiences, exploring her Mexican heritage, defining herself on her own terms, and rebelling against her father’s control.

Based on Waldo’s semi-autobiographical, award-winning short of the same name, Acid Test stars Juliana DeStefano, Brian Thornton, Mia Ruiz, Reece Everett Ryan, Mai Le and Sara Gaston. The film was fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions and Fresh Art, and received the ReFrame Stamp for being a gender-balanced production. Waldo, Anna Tran, Eddie Rodriguez, Hillary Felice and Kerianne Parker produced the pic, which made its world premiere at the 2021 Austin Film Festival and has also screened at Dances With Films, among other notable festivals.

Emma Manfredi negotiated the Acid Test acquisition on behalf of Giant Pictures, with Glen Reynolds of Circus Road Films.

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