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Small but Mighty

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Literally Short Film Festival and ACID TEST continue to make news!

MovieMaker Magazine writer Greg Hamilton wrote up a spectacular review of the “small but mighty” festival and its incredible selection of shorts. “This year saw more than 400 submissions, with LSFF exclusively selecting 37 to screen. Out of these well-curated picks emerged a wonderful mashup of international independent cinema that was spread out over a weekend, and curated from India to Finland, by way of Mexico.”

One of those 37, of course, is ACID TEST, which gets a mention in the article!

“Acid Test,” the best stateside production, emerged out of the Texas short film category. This coming-of-age-drug-experience-gone-sideways-comedy-drama delivers the psychedelic goods with a homegrown story of adolescent rebellion.

Wow. So much in one sentence. Small but mighty indeed!

In addition, we were one of the few films/filmmakers showcased on Mexico’s prestigious Channel 22, presented by Irma Gallo. Take a look below!

Hopefully by the end of summer we will know where our next festival will be!

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