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Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Literally Short Film Festival this past Father’s Day, June 18, 2017! We had a wonderful crowd turn out to see the Official Selection of the “Local & Fresh” Texas Shorts at LSFF 2017 where we screened with our friends’ Rob Neilson and Alberto Govela’s TENDER MOMENTS, which won the “Best of” prize in our category, and Alberto’s NEXT EXIT, co-produced by our director Jenny Waldo, along with Lisa Donato’s moving short THE NEWS TODAY, in memory of the victims of the Orlando Pulse shooting, CUCKOLD PICASSO, and NATIVE. Our DP/Editor/VFX extraordinaire Sharad Patel cooked up this awesome poster for the premiere!

The quality of the shorts screened at Literally in all categories was breathtaking and it was truly an honor to be chosen to screen among them. The audience was filled with dedicated film goers eager to see new and different material and we heard a lot of positive feedback for ACID TEST.

As part of the lead up to LSFF 2017, we had a number of press opportunities. The first was an interview with Houston Film Critics Society President Joshua Starnes and fellow critic Travis Leamons as part of their weekend Critics Circle. The highlight on ACID TEST begins just after the 37 minute mark. We also had a plug from local music writer Bob Langham who had written up about Director Jenny Waldo’s collaboration with Giant Kitty last year in their music video “This Stupid Stuff.” We will continue posting articles and interviews as they become available!

Now on to the next one!

The plan is to screen in the upcoming fall festival season so we won’t know until the late summer where we might screen next so stay tuned.

Here’s a clip from the Q&A after the screening!

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