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Progress in the time of COVID

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Progress! In a world upended by a pandemic, I’m so pleased and grateful to report progress on Acid Test. COVID certainly effected us as individuals and the post-process itself.

The good news is that we have a wonderful post-production team now that we are picture locked and we are on our way to finishing this film for festivals!

Read more about our post team below!

Sharad Patel (Colorist and VFX): As an independent filmmaker, Sharad Kant Patel has worked on shorts, feature films, art videos, documentaries, and animations. His own directed micro budget horror feature, Safe Space was picked up by a distributor and is streaming on Amazon. He recently completed post production on an environmental documentary, Endgame 2050, featuring animal activist/musician Moby. He also served as the DP for a short thriller shot with vintage anamorphic lenses, Birdie, in NY before the pandemic shutdown. Current projects include a third animated collaboration with painter Shiva Ahmadi, and working on a large format astronomy video for the Houston Museum of Natural Science. He previously shot, edited, and created the VFX for the short film version of Acid Test. Check out more of Sharad’s work here:!

**fun note, Endgame 2050 was directed and produced by my former HCC student Sofia Pineda Ochoa!

George Parker (Colorist): George worked as an instructor for nearly 10 years at The Art Institute of Houston’s BFA program in Digital Film & Video Production, where he taught storytelling, screenwriting, acting & directing, editing, sound design, and cinematography. George has an undergraduate degree in Theatre from the University of Houston and an MFA in Film from Columbia University.

Working as a freelance writer, director, cinematographer, and editor, George uses a strong narrative approach to his craft. He brings this craft and an intense thoughtfulness to the table with all of his work. Check out more about his work and company with Kerianne (Kay) Parker, Full Media Jacket here:!

Morgan Honaker, Sound Designer: Morgan Honaker is an Audio Engineer based in Austin, Texas who specializes in post-production sound for film, web-series, video games, and podcasts. Her credits include the award-winning feature film Call Me Brother, award-winning short films such as “Wolves Inside,” “Tattoos” (featured on Funny or Die’s website), and “Stranded, Alone, Looking for My Horse,” and popular podcasts such as The Great Fail. Morgan most enjoys working on projects that prioritize inclusive crews and feature stories about women, POC, and the LGBTQ+ community, which is why she is thrilled to be a part of Jenny Waldo’s feature Acid Test.

Paul Apelgren, Composer: Emmy-nominated Paul Apelgren has been a music editor and composer for film and television for over 15 years.  He has worked with some of the best composers working in Hollywood today including Michael Giacchino and John Williams.  He recently won an MPSE Golden Reel Award for his music editing work on the Taika Waititi’s Jojo Rabbit.  He and Jenny Waldo met at USC when they were both aspiring filmmakers.  She has kept the dream alive and he hopes to ride on her coattails.

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