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We Did It! Over 100%

Together, we were able to raise OVER 100% of our $7500 goal, a feat which I have never been able to accomplish in my previous crowdfunding campaigns! Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart.

This was an especially experimental crowdfunding campaign because we were funneling various fundraising efforts toward a larger collective goal. Here’s how it’s stacking up so far:

  1. Seed&Spark campaign: $7550

  2. General Public ticket sales: $620

  3. Merch @ Event: $1160

  4. Fiscal Sponsor Tax-Deductble Donations: $4150

  5. TOTAL: $13,480

  6. Our goal was $15,000 so we are really really close, which is really really exciting!!!

Given that the end of the campaign found ourselves in the midst of a pandemic, I really appreciate everyone rallying together, the community we have built. Many of you are new to the project, which was another goal of mine. It all reminded me of trying to fundraise during the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey as Hurricane Maria battered Puerto Rico and an earthquake devastated Mexico. I wrote a blog post about it for Seed&Spark and in this time around, I feel even more certain that art and creativity hold a vital place in our world, especially in times of crisis. Creativity certainly helped me survive my own personal dark times, so we cannot let go of our creative goals. They might need to adapt, and they can’t take the place of actual needs like food, shelter, medicine, safety, but they can help us navigate these crazy times.

So what now? We have enough to move forward with post-production, adjusting to falling slightly short of our overall goal with personal funds. The energy and excitement shared during production, during this campaign, and during our recent event illustrated how important it is right now to carry on and finish this film!

If anyone would like to make a tax-deductible donation, you can here!

The future of Acid Test – for festivals and for distribution – is still far enough in advance that we can plan for and explore our options in the face of a changing world.

In the meantime, work continues on the film, which is the most important part, and the advances of technology allow us to do so much remotely these days I am thankful for that flexibility.

Stay safe everyone and let us know how we can help support you through these uncertain times. Community is key, virtual or not.

More soon!

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