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Feature Film Adaptation!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

We are adapting ACID TEST into a feature film – writer/director Jenny Waldo’s DEBUT feature – and we just completed a crowdfunding campaign to make this dream a reality!

crowdfunded through Seed&Spark as part of their Hometown Heroes Rally, an initiative partnering with Mark & Jay Duplass where campaigns compete to raise $7500 and 500+ followers to qualify to pitch the project to the Duplass Brothers for an additional $25K and their executive producer help!

This amazing opportunity focused on regional filmmaking and regional stories – a talent we have here in Houston, TX. Here’s how people helped. You can still follow our campaign even though the funding portion is over! If we reach over 1000 Followers, we’ll receive extra perks from Seed&Spark!

  1. FOLLOW the campaign – a free contribution that helps us get past the 500 benchmark.

  2. SHARE the campaign – another free contribution that helps us spread the word and increase our audience to get more followers!

  3. CONTRIBUTE to the campaign

The campaign ended October 13th at noon and we raised $7535 and gained 610 Followers! Check out our campaign today!

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