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Table Read

We had an AMAZING table read event for the feature film adaptation of ACID TEST!

Saturday, April 28th, Houston Community College’s Filmmaking Program sponsored the table read and reception where actors from the short film, new cast members, and friends read the script out loud to an audience of invited industry members for feedback.

We were so grateful to have cast members from the short film return to their roles in the table read:

Juliana DeStefano (Jenny) Patrick Sane (Jack) Mia Ruiz (Camelia) Jasmine Balais (Drea) Jacob Hoving (Owen) Kirby Guidry (Theo) Steel Herrera (Michael)

And we were joined by new cast members for the remaining roles as well as actors who joined us to read the one liners!

Hannah Cabell (Mrs. Scattergood) Alisha Seaton (Mrs. Walker) Brittany Sandoval (Kelly) Demetria Dixon Abraham Ayala Cassandra Chiles-Quirk Trinity Quirk Miriam K Roger Medina Kenneth Barrett Analiesa Salazar Kevin Simmons

A big thank you to Trey Dixon who read ALL the stage directions in addition to the role of Parker!

And none of this could have happened without Anna Tran who came on board to help produce this event!

Thank you, also, to the HCC students who helped out on the event, took photos, and set up a multi-camera shoot to record the event and audio system for people to listen and read along. It’ll be a great reference as we go into rewrites and you all did a fantastic and professional job!

JoJo Hernandez Jesus Kargue Ed Castillo Saba Furhad Kevin Aragon Vincent Briseno Glorie Martinez Joey Mata

Thank you to HCC for sponsoring the event and especially to Aric Nitzberg and Karen Moonen for coordinating the food and Misty Barham who coordinated the location and equipment! I hope I’m not leaving anyone out!

Afterward, we had a wonderful catered meal featuring the food of the amazing Chef LaTara JeffersIf you ever need catering, she does it all!

On Sunday, we met in small groups with the main actors to discuss the script in more detail. Some great insight and developments came out of those discussions and with the feedback we received from the table read, I am excited to go into the rewrites! The best thing was the validation that we’ve created something special and we are on the right track!

This whole weekend was creatively and spiritually fulfilling. We had a great time with a wonderful group of people and we thank everyone that was involved!

Here’s a gallery of photos from Saturday:

More to come as we move into official pre-production!

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