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Welcome Brian Thornton!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Super excited to announce the addition of Brian Thornton as our new “Jack” for the feature adaptation of Acid Test! We had a great meeting the other day with Mia Ruiz who’s coming back as mom Camelia!

Read more about Brian!

Brian Thornton was born in Kingsport, Tennessee but was moved to Houston, Texas at the age of 8. Moving from “Hero to Zero” and bullied, he quickly learned the art of “Class Clown”. He was in High School drama until he declared he was going to play professional football, one day, and didn’t have time for this “acting stuff”. Although he excelled in the sports he chose (nope, not football), his ability to entertain stood out. His antics, from his rugby playing days to his 3 years as an obnoxious cheerleader, it became clear his business major needed to change.

He took the plunge, changed his major to the entertainment field with a minor in psychology. Shortly after, he ran out of money, returned to Houston, and his REAL education started. He had early success with numerous commercials and the infamous Walker, Texas Ranger, among several independent film productions.

Sadly, although this leg of his journey was meant to be, his wife lost her battle with breast cancer. His acting would take a back seat to his most prized and coveted role of father to his, then 2 and 4-year-old sons. Even with acting as his secondary focus, his agents, Pastorini-Bosby, were patient enough to continue to audition him for less time-demanding roles. He has had some fun and sometimes challenging roles in Friday Night Lights, Queen of the South, Preacher, Longmire, Dallas, Chase, The Good Guys and many more. He enjoyed being in projects his sons could enjoy like Spy Kids II and a locally-produced The Bracelet of Bordeaux.

Recently, he has been able to return to his focus on anything film and TV as his two sons are grown and stepping in to help with a third son from his second marriage, a boisterous twelve-year-old advanced in school and comedy. With his focused re-entry in 2018, be on the look out for his roles in Lone Star Deception and One Crazy Christmas as well as 4 other projects that are in post. As the owner of Clear Performance Acting Academy, he has developed his style of story and character development and loves teaching it to small groups of eager students while traveling wherever his roles take him. He is excited to see where his role as “Jack”, in the independent film Acid Test takes him!

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